Xiomara Leandra Calderón Zapata
Ihejerika Eighth Year
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“I wondered if anyone would care if I disappeared, and how long it would take for them to notice.”
General Information
Birth date May 2
Birth place Popayán, Cauca, Colombia
Ethnicity Spanish-Colombian, Muisca
Accent Colombian
Blood status Half-Blood (Supposedly Pure-Blood)
Physical Characteristics
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Height 5 feet, 6 inches (168 centimeters)
Weight 127 pounds (58 kilograms)
Magical Characteristics
Wand -
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Dog
Boggart Being Forgotten
Amortentia Carimañola, Perfume, Morning Dew
Loyalty Herself
School International Academy of Magic
House Ihejerika
Occupation Student

Xiomara Leandra Calderón Zapata or as she goes by at school, Zia, is a eighth year Ihejerika student at the International Academy of Magic.


Xiomara Leandra is the 6th child in her family. First her brothers Felipe and Jesús, then her sisters Francisca and Azucena, then her brother Miguel. Then Xiomara.

They took care of her plenty well in the physical sense; they feed her and schooled her and did everything parents are supposed to do that you can put your finger on. But emotionally she was ignored, and swept to the side. They barely noticed her, and when they said anything to her it was always always telling her to be quiet, the adults were talking. Or to go play, they were speaking to her brother. Or to not be a brat, didn't they teach her to be polite and not interrupt? And by the time Xiomara was 5 or so, she stopped trying. Why bother? So she'd stay in her room, playing quietly, or dressing up the clothes that were hand-me-downs from her sisters that didn't quite fit her yet.

When she was 8, Xiomara decided that if she just waiting around for someone to notice her, quiet as a mouse, it was no wonder that no one was. If she wanted to be noticed, she had to do something to make it happen. So she started acting out. Her parents noticed, but it did no good. They just punished her, and then went back to ignoring her. But little Xiomara was so desperate, some attention was better than nothing.

This went on for months. Their punishment wasn't working, so they decided to send her to live with Santiago's mother, Lupe. Xiomara was in tears. She'd done it all to get their attention, and now they were sending her away; they were passing her off to her grandmother because they either couldn't handle it or didn't care enough too.

But before long, Xiomara grew close to her and Lupe became the parent Xiomara had never had. Lupe cared, she noticed. During her time there, Xiomara grew bolder and more confidant.

It was Lupe's idea for Xiomara to go to IAM. She said it would be good for Xiomara to start some new, where everyone didn't think of her as Felipe, Jesús, Francisca, Azucena and Miguel's little sister from the moment they met her, and if she went to the same school as her siblings, that's what people would think, undeniably. Xiomara liked this idea, so Lupe talked to her parents, and they agreed to sending her abroad to IAM. So Lupe began teaching Xiomara basic magic so she'd have a good foundation once she got there, and talked her friend's daughter, who spoke English, into to teaching Xiomara.


Xiomara is confident in the normal sense of the word. Lupe taught her to be confident, and acting confident is the only way Xiomara has survived in Ihejerika for this long. And it's half-true. But in the other half is still a lonely little girl who just wants to be considered a member of her own family. And when something bad happens, or when she'd upset, she goes back to the place she was when she was 9: when they put her on the bus and sent her to her grandmother because — in Xiomara's eyes anyways — she was unloved, unwanted, her parents didn't even care enough to keep her.

Xiomara is spirited, and a taste for fun and elegance (She likes glamor, but doesn't particularly value it). She loves excitement and attention. She thinks the world should be intriguing and loud. And at the end of the day, Xiomara wants people to notice her. She wants people to care about her. She's sick of being ignored and overlooked and pushed to the side.

She'll go to great lengths to avoid talking about her family, but she does consider it sad, with her as the victim. And she pretends she's putting it behind her, but really she's lying. Partly to herself, and she actually feels that as the victim she deserves something — what that is is unclear. But much as she feels bad for herself, she lives at a fast pace, to keep ahead of thinking about it. And in her haze she's often headless and oblivious, hurting others or, more often, herself in her haste, without thinking, or realizing it, or caring.

Her mood swings dramatically and unpredictably. She can go from the verge of tears to joyful, with all her worries forgotten, in two minutes. And she can go from laughing to angry and sullen in even less time than that.

Affectionate • Persistent • Dynamic Emotionally Needy • Difficult • Short-Sighted


Xiomara's dark wavy hair falls just past her shoulders. Her eyes match her hair, and convey her mood, sparking when she's happy, steely cold when she'd mad, and dull and flat when she's hopeless.


Ana & Santiago — Xiomara's parents aren't bad people, or even bad parents. To her siblings, they were perfectly good parents. But to Xiomara, there were indifferent. She is their daughter, but she never seamed like a daughter to them, the way Francisca and Azucena did. Sure, she was born to them, but she just never seemed like their kid the way her siblings did. And all Xiomara ever wanted was her parent's attention and affection.

Felipe, Jesús, Francisca, Azucena, & Miguel — Xiomara's siblings are all older than her: Felipe, 13 years older; Jesús, 12 years older; Francisca, 9 years older; Azucena, 7 years older; and Miguel, 4 years older. They've mostly followed their parents with not seeing Xiomara as a member of the family. Miguel is the exception, and when they were little they rather close. But that's disintegrated as they've gotten older.

Lupe — Xiomara is very close to her abuelita. She's the mother figure that her actual mother never was, and Xiomara attributes most of the good things that have ever happened to her, to her grandmother.

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