Wand Records

These wand records are maintained by the staff, and received by the Junior and Senior Masters. This allows them to quickly and accurately identify the (student) culprits of pranks, or vandalism, etc.


Character Name Wand Wood and Core
Virgilia Erchantrudis Pear, Erumpent horn


Character Name Wand Wood and Core
Quinton Erchantrudis Silver Lime, Erumpent Horn
Elder Cardozo Maple, Dragon Heartstring
Regina Miron
Max Grey
Sam Richards
Edward Król
Isabel Król
Puck Wineman Black Walnut, Unicorn Hair
Reagan Presley
Konrad Best
Caja Czcibor
Kaito Hisakawa Cherry, Re'em Hair
Elliot Goddard
Thomas Braveheart
Allison Cason Hornbeam, Doxy wings, and Boomslang venom
Phoenix Temple
Glori-Anne Dompierre Rowan, Chimera scale
Freya Cason Vine, and Boomslang venom
Daniel Patterson
Julia Patterson
Mirija Eberstark
Dakota Goddard Hawthorne, Fairy wing
Séléna LeClaire Yew, Billywig stinger and fairy wing
Theirn Urbain
Alexis Braveheart
Arissa Brayden
Yuki Hisakawa
Adora Shadow Alder, Phoenix and Hippogriff feathers
Samuel Shadow
Amanda Roese
Ophaelia Roese
Sara Timms Ash, Phoenix Tail Feather and Demiguise Hair
Gunner Ryker
Kaya Heartland
Aurora Erchantrudis Hornbeam, Dragon Heartstring
Maialen Narcisse Olive, Erumpent hide
Maite Narcisse
Lucjan Czcibor
Persephone Stephenson
Miku Hisakawa Cedar and Phoenix feather
Olivia Raske
Caroline Chevalier
Nathaniel Clifford
Kingsley Breckenridge Alder, Hippogriff feathers and Ramora Scales

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