Student Records

These Student records are maintained by the staff, and received by the Head of House. This allows them to quickly and accurately identify the (student) culprits of pranks, or vandalism, etc by house and year to easily determine punishment.


Character Name House Year/Graduation Status (Highest Year Completed)
Virgilia Erchantrudis Aetherberg Graduate (11th Year)
Please add your student to the correct list.


Underclassmen (1st - 7th Years)Edit

Character Name House Year / Graduation Status
Glori-Anne Dompierre Ihejerika Master Class (7th Year)
Freya Cason Gomes - Junior Master Master Class (7th Year)
Daniel Patterson Gomes - Junior Master Master Class (7th Year)
Julia Patterson Charbonneau Master Class (7th Year)
Mirija Eberstark Gomes 6th Year
Dakota Goddard Aethelberg 6th Year
Séléna LeClaire Aethelberg 6th Year
Theirn Urbain Maximinus 6th Yer
Alexis Braveheart Gomes 5th Year
Arissa Brayden Gomes 5th Year
Yuki Hisakawa Aehtelberg 5th Year
Adora Shadow Gomes 5th Year
Samuel Shadow Gomes 5th Year
Amanda Roese Charbonneau 5th Year
Ophaelia Roese Charbonneau 5th Year
Sara Timms Charbonneau 4th Year
Gunner Ryker Maximinus 4th Year
Kaya Heartland Charbonneau 4th Year
Aurora Erchantrudis Charbonneau 3rd Year
Maialen Narcisse Ihejerika 3rd Year
Maite Narcisse Ihejerika 3rd Year
Lucjan Czcibor Maximinus 2nd Year
Persephone Stephenson Ihejerika 2nd Year
Saffron Beaumont Gomes 2nd Year
Miku Hisakawa Aethelberg 1st Year
Olivia Raske Aethelberg 1st Year
Aida Khalid Ihejerika 1st Year
Nathaniel Clifford Gomes 1st Year
Simon Beaumont Gomes 6th Year
Katrina Breckenridge Charbonneau 7th Year
Xiaoyu Chan Gomes 3rd Year
Xiomara Calderón Zapata Iherjerika 7th Year

Upperclassmen (8th-12th Years)Edit

Character Name House Year / Graduation Status
Regina Miron Aethelberg - Senior Master Master Class (12 Year)
Max Grey Gomes Master Class (12th Year)
Sam Richards Gomes Master Class (12 Year)
Edward Król Maximinus Master Class (11th Year)
Isabel Król Ihejerika Master Class (11th Year)
Puck Wineman Maximinus Master Class (10th Year)
Reagan Presley Maximinus Master Class (10th Year)
Konrad Best Maximinus Master Class (10th Year)
Caja Czcibor Ihejerika Master Class (9th Year)
Kaito Hisakawa Gomes Master Class (9th Year)
Elliot Goddard Aethelberg Master Class (9th Year)
Caroline Chevalier Ihejerika Master Class

(9th Year)

Thomas Braveheart Charbonneau Master Class (8th Year)
Allison Cason Ihejerika Master Class (8th Year)
Phoenix Temple Aethelberg Master Class (8th Year)
Kingsley Breckenridge Charbonneau Master Class (10th Year)
David Patterson Maximinus Master Class (8th Year)
Brielle Owen Iherjerika Master Class (10th Year)
Kinley Baldwin Gomes Master Class (8th Year)
Andrew Price Charbonneau Master Class (9th Year)
Devin Vaughn Gomes

Master Class (12th year)

Kendall Lane Ihejerika Master Class (9th Year)

Graduates (IAM - Master Class)Edit

Character Name House Year / Graduation Status
Artair Oglivy Maximinus Master Class Graduate (12th Year)
Lucas Cimorelli Charbonneau Master Class Graduate (12 Year)
Edmund Turner Gomes Master Class Graduate (12th Year)
Elder Cardozo Maximinus Master Class (11th Year)
Virgilia Erchantrudis Aethelberg - Senior Master Master Class Graduate (11th Year)
Quinton Erchantrudis Gomes - Senior Master Master Class Graduate (11th Year)
Sabina Gervásio Aethelberg Master Class Graduate (9th Year)
Hui Kang Graduate (7th Year)
Xenia Haris Ihejerika Graduate (7th Year)
Demon Haris Maximinus Graduate (7th Year)

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