The spells list for IAM students go from years 1 - 7.

The Master Class 8th - 12th are encouraged to create their own spells.

It is also optional to fill in any spells that are missing from an individual character's spell list.

Master Class Students

Spell Creation encourages students to create or alter spell for for utility purposes. This should list any spells a student, teacher, or (non-student) adult has created.

PLEASE see an Admin to request that a spell be added to the list. Try to use a Latin or otherwise Foreign language translation of English when creating a spell. Students concentrate on learning Latin translations by 4th year.
Please bear in mind that these are not generally taught in the curriculum, so you would have to go to the creator to learn them.
Spell (Created by ) Year Type Description
(Created by Quinton Erchantrudis)
7th Year Hex Temporarily blinds the victim, causing laser sharp burns to the eyes. Blindness can be permanent if aid is not sought immediately.
Scutum penetrare

(Created by Regina Miron)

6th Year Charm Temporarily makes hole in any magically made shield, giving enough time for the caster to cast one-three spells, depending on the potency of the spell.
Aperire dolis

(Created by Regina Miron)

8th Year Charm Forces opponent to tell the truth about three questions the caster asks. It is like a less potent version of Veritaserum.
Creare firmamentum impenetrabile

(Created by Regina Miron)

9th Year Utility A dome, given the properties of the Impenetrable Room, rises over a pair of duellers. It can handle anything you throw at it, until it is removed using a special wand movement by the caster.

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