Sofija Tose
Sofija Toše
Previous Aethelberg
Full Name Софија Наталија Sofija Natalija Toše
Pronunciation Given name Sofija (so FEE ah)

Middle name Natalija (nah TAL yah)
Surname Toše (TO-she)

Meaning "wisdom", "Christmas Day" from Latin natale domini
Birthday June 1st
Status Muggle-born
Wand Oriental Hackberry, Augurey tail feather
Wand arm Ambidextrous
Patronus Eagle Owl
Loyalty Toše family


Sofija is Muggle-born Macedonian witch. She has a rich olive brown skin complexion, highlighted by brown hair and hazel eyes. Sofija wears her hair very curly, it is often down to keep her neck warm, or at the least out of her face.

Eye Colour   Hazel
Hair Colour   Brown
Height   5'6
Native Language   Macedonian/Serbian
Ethnicity   Macedonian
Languages Spoken   Macedonian, Serbian, English
Clothing Style   Muggle clothing


Sofija is fun loving, she is carefree and spunky. She is a former Aethelberg, like her inspiration Raedwynne Aethelberg, she tries to be sympathetic and courteous. She has contributed to the Green Roof constantly, all her years as a student, and the her years as a staff member at IAM.




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For the seven members the Toše family life in Macedonia, was difficult. Demir Hisar is predominantly Macedonian, Sofija and Rumen spent more time with the people of the wizarding community Kartal Pençe then with their family. Bistera and Ljupcho both felt different about their children's condition. Their father was ashamed, and their mother was proud. Kalina and Melanija were always either jealous, or embarrassed.

Blazhe Jovan, the father of Sofija and Rumen's friends Mira and Milija told Bistera about the International Academy of Magic. Within a few years, after Rumen's 11th birthday IAM, the International Academy of Magic sent a member of staff to visit the family. Zoja Veselinevski told the family everything Blazhe had told Bistera, she let them know that their blood status, ethnicity, and financial status was of no concern.

As long as Rumena and Sofija were willing they were welcome to attend the Academy. She revealed to them the nearest portkey present, one that would take them to the border of Lavoie and Ravenwood. Rumena, and Sofija were separated, placed in different houses. Rumen was placed in Gomes, and a few years later Sofija was placed in Aethelberg. They were very close out of school, but their housing managed to divide them. They ate together, and studied together every few days.

After Rumen finished his seventh year Sofija only saw him at home, or when he would met her for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When Sofija joined the Master Class programme in her Eighth year, Rumen had left campus behind. Sofija lived with her him in an apartment in Ravenwood for while, when he finally graduated IAM he went back to Serbia. They argued over whether or not this was a good choice for him, when Rumen mentioned that their father and sister had been there since her eighth year they fought even more.

Rumen returned to his father and, sisters in Kuršumlija, and Bistera moved to Ravenwood with Sofija. After she graduated IAM she, and her mother moved out of their apartment and into a four bedroom home. Sofija lives with her elderly mother to this day, and is working toward a Department Head position at the Academy in the Agriculture or Healing Department. She spent a few years teaching Agriculture, including a little time in the Infirmary offering Healing classes.


Birthplace Kuršumlija, Serbia
Type of Childhood Ordinary
Earliest Memory Moving to Demir Hisar, Macedonia
Pets Donek ; Vladimir
Eurasian harvest mouse ; Ruzha
Rumen's Illyrian Sheepdog ; Slavica
Likes Horticulture
Dislikes Narrow-mindedness, Presumption
Fears/Phobias Going blind
Hobbies Utility spells, Poisonous Plants and Creatures
Comfort Food(s) Proja, Chorba od Kopriva
Person Secretly Admired Raedwynne Aethelberg
Most Influenced By Raedwynne Aethelberg
Immediate Goals Install a vertical garden
Long Term Goals Have a book written
Greatest Fear Blindness
Most at Ease When? Gardening
Past Failures
Character Flaw Rebellious


Plant bag
Edible mixtures
Quercus trojana Staff


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