Samuel Conor Shadow
Gomes Sixth Year
This Character Belongs to Rabbitty


“Rules for Happiness:
1. Do what makes you happy.
2. Hang out with other people who make you happy.”
-Amy Ignatow
General Information
Birth date March 23
Birth place Wolf Lake, Yukon, Canada
Ethnicity English-Canadian
Accent Canadian
Blood status Half-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Werewolf
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Amber
Height 5 feet, 6 inches (168 centimetres)
Weight 124 pounds (56 kilograms)
Magical Characteristics
Wand Cedar, Dragon Heartstring
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Wolf
Boggart Exile and Prosecution
Amortentia Barbecue, Forest, Hot Cocoa
Loyalty Wolf Lake Pack
School International Academy of Magic
House Gomes
Occupation Student

Samuel "Sam" Conor Shadow is a sixth year Gomes student at the International Academy of Magic, and a werewolf of the Wolf Lake pack.


The Shadow family lives in a small town called Wolf Lake in Yukon. Wolf Lake has a secret: half of the townspeople are in fact part of a pack of werewolves. Wolf Lake is lead by the town mayor who is also the pack's Alpha.

Samuel and Adora were born to Mary Shadow (née Lowell) and Jeff Shadow on March 23. Sam is 10 minutes older then his twin sister Adora. Adora and Sam's parents are werewolves, making them werewolves too. So is the rest of their family, their dad's brother Matt, his daughter Sophia — Sam's uncle and cousin.

Sam lived with his parents until he was old enough to start training. Sam was trained by the Mayor/Alpha and his wife to be a solider for the pack and the town. Sam was allowed to go home whenever a normal school would have a holiday.

The training was intense, the Alpha was brutal, he strongly believed in Survival of the Fittest and the "soldier" that did not meet his expectations were exiled from the pack.

Sam, Adora, Sophia and the other children were given extensive combat training while with the with the Mayor the Alpha and his wife to be a "soldier" for the pack and the town, it includes martial arts, acrobatics, infiltration, marksmanship with many weapons, and some computer technology. The kids all became extremely fast, with heightened senses.

Sam flipped for the first time about a month before his 15th birthday. Sam knew, everyone knew not everyone was able to completely flip and didn't survive. Even the thought of it was unnerving, this was what he wanted more than anything, and it was completely foreign — he was the first, no one, not his sister Adora or best friend Luke or cousin Sophia could tell him what he was in for. His parents and Uncle Matt didn't want them to witness it but Adora and Sophia wouldn't leave through the whole thing. They remained by his side wiping his forehead and trying to do whatever possible to make him comfortable.

But the next day he started to understand that his flipping put a wedge between him and his cousin and sister. They had seen their parents in wolf-form before, and he remember how happy everyone was when he first flipped, but he was their twin and cousin. Their closest confidant; but now he was different.

Fortunately, it didn't last too long. Everything was going fine with their "training" and they were on their way to see their family and in Wolf Lake. It was school holidays and Sam and Adora's 15th birthday. She arrived in town an Sam and Sophia and everyone came to greet her. Everybody and wished them happy birthday.

It was late, and Adora was still up, swinging in the hammock. Everyone else was about ready to go to bed. Then Sam and Luke heard her screaming. Sam had be suspecting that for a few days, but she had dismissed it. Sam scooped her up best he could, considering she was writhing. He started heading for his dad's truck with Luke following him. They put her in the truck and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. He knew how much pain she was in; he hadn't forgotten what it had felt like. He told Luke he will meet him there with his parents, and also to phone Matt and Sophia and tell them what happened. Dad had taken Sam and Adora out a few times before and let them drive, but the drive was certainly pretty jerky and bumpy. Sam brought Adora inside, screaming for their parents. Their parents did everything they could to help Adora. Sam wasn't going to leave her so he sat in the chair by her bed and watched his sister.


Sam has 2 sides. To people he cares about, he is loyal, caring, and protective. To other people he is stubborn, disobedient, and blunt. Being a wolf, he has some traits, such as speed, alertness, quickness. He would do anything he had to to protect people he cares about, or the pack. But he he doesn't have to, Sam would not chose to. When given the choice, he prefers to. A bit reckless, but he usually knows where to draw the line. He likes challenging authority, pushing the limits (or rather, their limits). Sam knows when to tune it down so he doesn't get in trouble, but sometimes doesn't as well.

Alert • Loyal • Quick Vengeful • Stubborn • Disobedient


To begin with, Sam has two forms. In human has dark hair, dark brown bordering near black. His skin is fair, and scarred, from his training. Sam is not yet to his adult height, but he is nearing it. His eyes are amber, and usually conveying the same mischievous smile as his mouth. In wolf form, his fur is the grey that gives Gray Wolves their name, mixed with brown. His coat varies on the season, a think undercoat in the winter and lighter in the summer.


Family — Sam comes from a very close-knit family (it's a wolf thing). His parents know about what's going on in his life, and care. Uncle Matt and Sophia come over all the time. Sophia and Adora are his friends and confidants, and well as family.

Pack — The Wolf Lake pack in one of the biggest in North America. Both of Sam's parents come from the pack. His allegiance lies with them, always, and has a strong sense of loyalty to them.

Roeses — Somewhere between family friends and just plain family. The Roeses are another pack, a much smaller one. The Wolf Lake pack was formed by packs banding together, and they also have alliances with several other packs, creating a larger, united pack for them both.

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