Residence of the Turners

Apartment 202 C, Ravenwood Village Apartments, Ravenwood, the U.S.

This the home of the Turner family: Lucas, Miranda, Edmund and Eric.

Lucas and Miranda moved into Apartment 202 C soon after they got married. A few years later, Edmund was born and joined the family, four years before his younger brother, Eric. Since there're only two bedrooms in the apartment, while Lucas and Miranda shared a room, Edmund and Eric shared one, until Eric turned 13 and demanded for more privacy. That's when the Turners purchased one more apartment on the floor above theirs - Apartment 203 C - and connected the two flats with a stair in the living room. Though, the entry door to Apartment 203 C is rarely used.

Lucas and Miranda's bedroom is on the first floor (202 C), next to the guest bedroom, whereas Edmund and Eric's are both on the second floor (203 C). Aside from Eric who usually stays overnight at the Master Class Quarters at the International Academy of Magic on school days, all the Turners live here.


First Floor (202 C)

Second Floor (203 C)



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