Ravenwood Village

The creatively designed Ravenwood Village Apartments is the largest apartment village in Ravenwood, it is also the most expensive. Ravenwood Village offers a variety of amenities to its residence the Garden and Olympic-sized pool, in addition to its close proximity to all that village of Ravenwood has to offer.

Floor Plans

All eight different floor plans of the Ravenwood Village Apartments come with built in space for a dishwasher, and a Washer/Dryer unit.


Add your characters Apartment to the list in a similar fashion to the example below.

Please start at 202 and use the appropriate letter of the alphabet as the address.
EXAMPLE; [[Ravenwood Village Apartments/Wineman|Apartment 202 A]] - Wineman

Apartment 202 A - Wineman
Apartment 202 B - Temple
Apartment 202 C - Turner


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