Puck Winemansig
Puck Wineman3

"What's next?" - Puck Wineman
General Information
Birth date June 30th
Birth place Burbank, California
Ethnicity American (Swedish)
Accent American
Blood status Muggle-born
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Wizard
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue/Grey
Height 184cm
Weight 82kg
Magical Characteristics
Wand Black Walnut, Unicorn Hair
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Kingfisher
Boggart Sǽwine Clayton
Amortentia Shrimp, Lemon, Alumroot
Loyalty Wineman family
School The Academy
House Maximinus
Occupation Student

Puck Wineman was born in Burbank, California. Puck is a tenth year Academy student, and a member of Maximinus.

Poakki "Puck" Ræv Unøss WinemanEdit

Harley Wineman was a cave girl, she loved to explore with or without accompaniment. She was hypnotized as a child, her parents believed the girl to be far too fearful, her diagnosed schizophrenia doing nothing to help the situation. She conditioned to believe that she could do anything, but her specialty was darkness. When all was lost, she was centered. Fear was a state of mind she had the option of slipping on or off like a light switch. Harley lived happily this way, she received full custody of her teenage daughter, Chelsea. They were the best friends, and then one day Harley went exploring without Chelsea or a group and she found herself trapped. Harley has Schizophrenia, she is also a mild insomniac, and suffered from sleep deprivation.

She began to hallucinate while she was trapped in the cave at this time the hypnotic trance she had lived with for years served her well once more. To the point of passing out from hysteria, at the perfect time a man came along. Tiberius, he said his name was. He loosened Harley from the 'jutting rocks' entangling her, and lead her through the rest of the cave. During a heated discussion about children Harley kissed Tiberius. There in that dark cave something magical happened. Harley fell in love, conceived a child, she also had her heartbroken.

Nine months after more, and more hypnosis for hysteria over being trapped and rescued in the cave (losing Tiberius), her pregnancy, and depression for the same reasons. Harley brought into the world Puck. He was a beautiful little baby boy. He had his mothers eyes which she prayed for but he was scatty like her too, which she did not like much. Puck, Harley and Chelsea, when she was allowed visits with her mother, were a fairly unstable family. Chelsea had spent the latter end of her important teen years with Harley's parents, Ethelburga and Haegvin Quirinus, needless to say she did not need a mother anymore. Puck as difficult a child as he was seemed to make everything better, he was something like the glue.


Puck is a little awkward, he is a nice guy, he is friendly and impartial. He can also be annoyingly spontaneous, and instantaneously humorous. He can also be very insensitive but creepily sympathetic. He is wild, free, and lives every moment to the fullest. Puck loves people, he loves conversation and he loves the feeling of belonging, he also loves reckless and danger, it gives him a better grasp on life and death.

Positive Traits

· Creative · Dynamic · Lucky

Negative Traits

· Ill-behaved · Erratic · Self-satisfied


Puck has fair skin, dark brown hair and bright blue grey eyes. He is rather gorgeous but has absolutely no idea. He is too concerned with everything that he is internalizing to focused on his external appearance. His hair is naturally styled in his sleep, and his clothes are forever wrinkled and or loose fitting. He pays no attention any notion of style be he does what best suits him and his feeling at any given moment. He will wear a kilt, skirt or skort, a bra, dress hair clip, headband or lipstick if he feels like it.

His faceclaim is Ben Allen

Ethnicity American (Swedish)
Eye Colour Blue/Grey
Hair Colour Brown
Height 184cm
Weight 82kg
Native Language English
Languages Spoken English, Swedish, Danish
Clothing Style Random


Family MembersEdit

Wineman FamilyEdit

Harley Wineman - Mother
Harley's husband - Sǽwine Clayton (biological father)
Chelsea Wineman - Sister
Ethelburga Már - Grandmother

Haegvin Quirinus - Grandfather

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