Persephone Stephenson
Ihejerika-2nd year


Persephone Ihejerika
-"“Just be careful, because before you know it everything you love could be taken away”

"Believe me, everything happens for a reason"


"Believe me, you never know who's watching."
General Information
Birth date October 3rd
Birth place London, England
Ethnicity English
Accent English
Blood status Muggle born
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Witch
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 179cm
Magical Characteristics
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Donkey
Boggart Snakes
Amortentia A new book
Loyalty Her father Russell
School The Academy
House Ihejerika
Occupation Student


As a muggle born, Persephone spent most of her life without magic. She grew up in muggle neighbourhoods, no magic anywhere, so she had to do everything for herself. She grew up, just her and her dad. She was happy and loved it, although it gets kind of lonely. She spent most of her childhood life, travelling back and forth to different areas of the world for her dad's job. She didn't stay long enough to make new friends or even stay at the school for more then 2 months. She had been told by her dad she was a witch when she was 6 and realized she could do things other people couldn't. When she turned 13, her and her dad finally found a place where they could stay, as he wanted Persephone to get a proper education somewhere, as opposed to 2 months of education per school, and he found a way to do his job online.


She is smart, funny and beautiful with a bubbly personality. She cares alot about her friends, and is always there to lend a hand. She secretly uses magic when someone pisses off her or someone she cares about. She is always reading the next bestseller to discover a new world she could disappear into. Her dad is the most important person in her life and always protects him, most of the time without magic, but the times she does use magic, doesn't hurt.

Strengths · Friendly · Sensitive · Pretty

Negative Traits · Says what's on her mind too much · Too loud at times · Makes her own decisions even if it lands her in trouble.


Persephone has brown hair which flows down below her shoulders and brown eyes which sparkle in the right light and she stands at 179cm tall. She usually wears dressy casual style clothes such as tank tops and tights and shoes such as heels or ballet flats. She usually wears a silver locket, given to her by her mother. She usually wears light make-up such as lip-gloss and light colours such as skin tone or light pink. She usually wears her hair out, although she does sometimes use a headband to keep it out of her face.

Her faceclaim is Alexandra Chando
Ethnicity English
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 179cm
Native Language English
Languages Spoken English
Clothing Style Dressy-casual
Shoe Size 8


Family MembersEdit

Stephenson FamilyEdit

Mother: Unknown
Father: Russell Stephenson
Siblings: None

Other important figures: Her best friend

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