Olivia Raske
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Vivi Raske sig
Vivi Raske (1)

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
General Information
Birth date February 14th
Birth place Lavoie
Ethnicity Norwegian
Accent Canadian
Blood status Half-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Vampire/Witch
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Height 4'6
Weight 68
Magical Characteristics
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Boggart Losing her mother and father
Amortentia Wormwood, Kneippbrød, Solomon's seal
Loyalty Raske family
School IAM
House Aethelberg
Occupation Student

Olivia "Vivi" Raske is a Half-Vampire/Witch. She was born, and raised in Lavoie. Her mother's familie are the progenies of Völlr, an ancient vampire that plagued Scandinavia until about the 14th century.

Name EtymologyEdit

Full name: Olivia Sølvi Raske

Nickname: Vivi

Pronunciation: o•LEE•vee•ah - raske

Meaning: Olivia - Late Latin name meaning "olive".

Sølvi - From an Old Norse name which was derived from the elements sól "sun" and veig "strength".

Raske - Means "healthy", "energetic", "speedy" in Danish.

About OliviaEdit

Vibeke Armbrüster and Trygve Raske are her biological parents, her mother was also born in the same way. Each generation was to follow this rule in creating their family. In this case the Raske family.

Vibeke must produce a child before biting her mate, Trygve. This would allow her mate to become a vampire and have knowledge of the way of life their child would have. Vibeke's father Ivar bit her mother Kamilla after she was born.

She was born on family owned property in Lavoie, at the time her mother and father owned a small studio in Ravenwood. The family continued to live there for a short time, before moving into a cozy yet spacious home by the time Vivi was two.

Vivi and Trygve were raised together by Vibeke, he was a baby vampire like his daughter. Vibeke lost interest in Trygve during the early stages of the relationship, and Vivi does not know how difficult this was for her mother, or her father. All she knows is she has had a wonderful life.

In Ravenwood they all slept in one large bed, it wasn't a bed it was a pull out couch but that didn't matter. In their bigger house Vivi feels they are not as close as they used to be. She tries to sneak into her parent's bed, yet always wakes up in her own room.

She is an adventurous girl, but very dainty. She is very small, and slips in and out of places going unnoticed. Her father makes jokes about her being part hobbit, a joke her mother does not got. Even after he explained in full detail his meaning.

Family TreeEdit

   Vibeke      =     Trygve

Native Language: Norwegian

Languages Spoken: Swedish, Danish, German, Polish, French, English

Type of Childhood: Happy

Earliest Memory: Falling asleep safely between her mother and her father


Vivi is quite, she is not a loner but she does enjoy being alone. She likes people a lot and she loves to talk. She has an extensive family all across Europe and North America, she even has a few cousins that she considers close.

Vivi Raske (11)

Vivi Raske
-1st Year Aethelberg

"I'm Olivia, but everyone calls me Vivi."

She does not have a lot of real friends, she considers everyone a friend she hasn't met yet but she also knows that doesn't really mean anything. She is on the conservative side, she can be mean and aggressive but it takes a while to see that.





Spell book

Extended bag


Ancient Scandinavian robes


Ferruginous Hawk ; Bjarga Bjarga is a Furruginous hawke and Vivi's pet. She and her father trained her together, Trygve was and remains an Animal Trainer, falconry was a hobby he now share with his daughter. Vivi loves Bjarga the way she would a sister, she speaks to her in Norwegian and falls asleep in her mew.
American Mink ; Gulla Gulla is an American Mink and Vivi's pet. Vivi was gifted Gulla by her father, Gulla is a trained animal actress. She was used in a movie as the villain's pet. Gulla is a hoarder, or kleptomanic, her movie role required her to steal. She does still does this very successfully.


Vivi doesn't care for regular magic, her vampire abilities provide her with more excitement then her little bits of magic. She can do some of the minor things, create a shield, conjure fire, and charm various objects.


Birthstone: Bloodstone Birth flower: Primrose
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Favorite Scent: Silver wormwood, Wild cucumber, Largeleaf
Favorite Drink: Wild Cherry juice Favorite Sweet:  Cloudberries
Handedness: Left Clothing Style: Muggle clothing


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