Located on the West Wing of the second floor, Séléna's bedroom is located next to Katrina's. It's decorated in the color tone of lavender - just like her bedroom back in Lavenville when she was little before everything went wrong. She enjoys standing in the circular balcony, which has a view of the garden of the Manor and also the sea - where she could take a breath of fresh breeze while think quietly at the same time. Like most of the bedrooms in the Manor, Séléna's is connected to her own private bathroom and a walk-in closet at the intermediate level between the second floor and the loft which could be accessed by the stairs inside her room. If possible, she would much appreciate that no one enters the room - of course, unless when she's bored, occasionally. Needless to say, for a person who prefers being alone, entering without knocking is strictly prohibited.


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