North Breckenridge Manor, 101 N Bluebonnet Drive, Ravenwood, the U.S.


As an old pure-blood family, the Breckenridges have many properties. Among them, the North Breckenridge Manor is the most ancient one - the one that has been the home for many generations of Breckenridges ever since the first one.

Located at the north of Ravenwood in the United States of America, next to a beach and a forest, the Breckenridge Manor started out as just a small cottage. After centuries of development, expansion and renovation by the Breckenridges dwelling there, it became a manor in early 15th century, and now one of the largest estates in Ravenwood.

Passed down from one generation to another, the Manor currently lives Alvin Breckenridge, his family, and occasionally, some other guests invited. This Breckenridge family welcomes different guests, magically or not, as long as prior notice has been given - Evanna Breckenridge, the mistress of the manor, certainly doesn't want Muggles to see the House Elves walking around or anything that may surprises them here.




Located at the end of Bluebonnet Road in Ravenwood, The North Breckenridge Manor is a two-story chateau-style mansion with a basement, a loft and walk-in closets at the intermediate level between the second story and the loft. The building is divided into three wings with the Main Wing connecting the East Wing and the West. While the front of the manor faces the North, the back is surrounded by the forest at the North-East and the beach at the North-West.

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