Stay close to me. Until the very end.
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Hisakawa Minoru

"強力な、インテリジェントな、そして穏やかな、私はいくつかの他のような男になります。" - 久川 真相
General Information
Birth date December 13th
Birth place Hachijō-kojima (八丈小島), Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Accent Japanese
Blood status Half-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Wizard
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 142 cm
Weight 30 kg
Magical Characteristics
Wand Arm Ambidextrous (Right dominant)
Patronus Cannot perform
Boggart Not having his family (Mother/Siblings/Father)
Loyalty Hisakawa family
School Mahōtokoro (魔法所) (day school)

久川 真相 (Hisakawa Minoru) is the last of Hisakawa children. Currently too young to attend school, he will join his siblings in a few years.

久川 真相Edit

The 4 Hisakawa children were born to perhaps the best of both worlds. Their mother, Noriko (典子) Hoshi was from a powerful, old wizarding family, and their father, Ichirou (一郎) Hisakawa, was a successful muggle businessman. Over eighteen years ago the very first of their children were born the year after they married.

The eldest child, the first son Kaito (海斗) was born March 22nd, followed by the first daughter Yuki (幸), born September 23rd, followed a few years later by another daughter Miku (美空) born July 4th), and finally little Minoru (真相) born December 13th.

The Hisakawa children were raised in a transitive lifestyle, sometimes living in an apartment in the heart of Tokyo with both their parents Noriko and Ichirou. Other times, Ichirou can be too busy with work to have much time for his family.

Noriko and her children frequently visit Hachijō-kojima (八丈小島). A small wizarding community where their maternal grandparents, Noriko's father and mother, Etsuko (悦子) and Osamu (修) live. It also happens to be the birthplace of each child.

His elder siblings are anywhere from 4 years, 6 months and 9 days to 12 years, 10 months and 22 days older than he is. This unshakable gap in age caused Minoru to seek friendship outside of the family. He is close to each member, Mother, brother, sisters. and father, each in their very own way.

Minoru found life long friends in a few local Hachijō-kojima kids. Kimiko also known as Sayuri, her cousin Shou and their friend Daichi. Shinobu Kimiko (忍 小百合 后子) is, or was Minoru's very best friend. While his siblings were in school, Mahōtokoro (魔法所), Minoru, Kimiko and their friends, would spend the day playing with her little dog Hideaki (英明).

The Hisakawa family relocated after the power-plant-tsunami disaster in 2011. Minoru was very upset, Kimiko was not a part of his family despite how much closer he was to her than either of his sisters. He, and Kimiko cried together when they talked about his family leaving, he asked her if her family would be leaving too, a question that she could not answer.


Minoru is proud to be a Japanese Half-blood Wizard, and his confidence is not found in or based on any other individuals opinion of him. He is generally well-mannered, and very amicable. He does not over exert himself for attention but he does enjoy deserved praise or attention.

Known to be loyal and hot-headed, he has a witty sense of humor, and an intelligence to go with it. He is fun, and big-hearted, he can be very humorous, and he loves to joke around. Although trustworthy but can be quite impatient.

Positive Traits

Confident, Trustworthy, Loyal

Negative Traits

Impatient, Hot-headed, Lazy


His faceclaim is Fuku Suzuki

Ethnicity Japanese
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Native Language Japanese
Languages Spoken Japansese and English
Clothing Style Muggle clothing (Japanese Dress Robes)


His mother is most precious to him, his constant Kaito his older brother, 勤恪, if there is anything left in life Minoru could want it is growing up to be like his older brother Kaito. Yuki and Miku are his sisters, his view of 女子, all girls, every woman should be strive to be like them.

Family MembersEdit

Noriko (典子) - Mother
Kaito (海斗) - Brother
Yuki (幸) Sister
Miku (美空) - Sister
Ichirou (一郎) - Father


Kimiko (Sayuri), Shou, Daichi - Friends

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