Mai Quang
Mai Quang
Former Gomes
Full Name 光 仙 梅 (Quang Tién Mai)
Pronunciation Given name Mai (my); (may)
Middle name Tién (tyen)
Surname Ouang (kwaong)
Meaning Cherry blossom; yellow flower, apricot blossom, spirit, fairy
Birthday April 30th
Status Pure-Blood
Wand Mangrove, Seagrass (Old wand)
Bamboo, Acromantula venom
Wand arm Right
Patronus Asian Elephant
Loyalty Quang famliy


Mai Tién is a beautiful (for her age) woman. She has very dark brown/black hair. She keeps it neat, usually stylishly pinned up, back, or otherwise out of her face. She has very dark eyes, they are a very rich brown but also appear to deep purple.

Eye Colour   Brown
Hair Colour   Brown/Black
Height   5'8
Native Language   Vietnamese
Ethnicity   Vietnamese
Languages Spoken   Vietnamese, Lao, English & French
Clothing Style   Traditional Vietnamese robes


Mai Tién is a no nonsense witch with a passion for animals and magic, her favorite of both being (Asian) Elephants and Transfiguration. Mai is very narrow-minded, has a rigid sensibility, cares not for another opinion, or reasoning. She is not vain, prejudice, or arrogant. Mai Tién is traditional, staying very true to her foundation.




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光 仙 梅 (Quang Tién Mai) also known as Mai Tién (Professor Quang), was born in Điện Biên Phủ, Vietnam on Black April to 光 鳳 陽 (Quang Phượng Dương) and 雲 雪 蘭 (Vân Tuyết Linh). As little girl she was infatuated with animals, and magic. Mai Tién's family lived near the border of Laos, her father often took her with him over the border to a conservatory to see the Asian Elephants.

Linh Tuyết, Mai Tién's mother would have much preferred that her daughter be somewhere much more safe, brewing or practicing magic. Linh Tuyết was from a very traditional wizarding family, as a child of Mai Tién's age she was taught all the magic she would ever need to know from her mother and her grandmother, her brothers were taught by their father and grandfather.

Dương Phượng and Linh Tuyết never discussed how their daughter would be magically educated. As time passed, the more passion Mai Tién was showing for Animals was driving a wedge between her mother and father. Linh Tuyết left Dương Phượng and Mai Tién by her ninth birthday. She kissed them both, and was a world away by the time they awoke.

Mai Tién thought her mother leaving was all her fault. She had never shown her enough love, and never wanted to spend as much time with her as she had with her father. She cried herself to sleep in her father's arms many, many nights. Devastated by this personal loss, Dương Phượng and Mai Tién did not wallow. They continued to visit Elephant Villiage eventually moving to Luang Prabang.

The following year, after Mai Tién's tenth birthday, she received and letter form the International Academy of Magic. The letter was written in Vietnamese,Dương Phượng understood it clearly. He packed up a 'trunk' for Mai Tién and they went immediately to the nearest portkey at the Luange Prabbang Airport. It took them to Ravenwood, where they rented a studio at the small Village Apartments.

She was placed in Gomes house, not each child placed there is a Seer like house founder Sabela Gomes. Not each child is a Muggle-born, or female like her either. What each child has is a secret they do not share with other or a fact about them that is not widely known. For Mai Tién that was her love of animals, and the desire she had for their beauty and strength.

Mai Tién was invited to work/volunteer at a Wildlife Conservatory the summer after her 15th birthday. With her father's permission, she accepted her dream job. She worked very hard, and quickly made her way up from volunteer to Animal Trainer, in the eyes of the Laotians she was a Specialist. At the age of 25, after graduation Mai Tién met 元 榮 軍 (Nguyên Vinh Quân).

A ຫົວຫນ້າພະແນກ (Department Head) with the ກະຊວງສປປລາວ (Lao Ministry), Quân Vinh had been working in the Regulation and Care of Magical Creatures department of the Lao Ministry. He had been doing the same work as her, in a more official manner and on a bigger magical scale. When the Lao Minister requested (ordered) him to retrieve her for his department, he had no choice.

They met first in Laos (Lao People's Democratic Republic), he was inspecting the conservator while she was on duty. He was taken with her immediately she of course felt the same, but was much too in tune with fulfilling her dream than focusing on love or other social pursuits. She met with him frequently, as he had a job to do and she was not of a mind to settle and follow him.

Quân Vinh and Mai Tién met with one another infrequently, then regularly they discussed their backgrounds, and then their issues with their current occupation. Mai Tién was very impressed with Quân Vinh's determination, and his confidence to work his way through the Ministry of a foreign country. Quân Vinh was also from the Điện Biên Province. He was born and raised in the the same Mường Thanh Valley.

Born in the same district of Northwestern Vietnam Quân Vinh and Mai Tién had much in common. She was still much to passionate about her work to focus on a romantic relationship. Quân Vinh was disappointed to her this, he was able to persuade her to join the Ministry as his Deputy, working just under him as more of a Personal Assistant and Consultant.

Into her thirties Quân Vinh and Mai Tién continued to work this way, until they could no longer work with one another. Mai Tién resigned from her position with the Lao Ministry and the Wildlife Conservation, she began teaching Magizoology for three years. Quân Vinh and Mai Tién married after seven years of a very powerful friendship. Quân Vinh wants children and Mai Tién does not.

They have been married for seven years, Quân Vinh always remarks By now we would have a school aged child. Mai Tién always retorts. If I had not first agreed to work with, and then marry you, that would not be true. Mai Tién is afraid of even the idea of children, her own children. She still believes she drove her mother away, and pregnancy in her mind a something of a curse to a romantic couple.

Mai Tién, in the last four years of their marriage has left Laos for the United States. She is living in a quiet home in Devil's Lake North Dakota. She spends a lot of time on campus since beginning her work as a Professor at the International Academy of Magic. She does rent rooms out in the home and return every summer to meet with Quân Vinh when their schedules collide.


Birthplace Điện Biên Phủ, Vietnam
Type of Childhood Fulfilling
Earliest Memory A calf with its parent (father) at a conservation in Laos
Likes Animals, Magic, Healing, Botany
Dislikes Arrogance, Under-achievement
Hobbies Conjuration, Complex transformations
Comfort Food(s) Phở, Hủ Tiếu Bò Kho, Cơm tấm, Balut
Person Secretly Admired Sabela Gomes
Most Influenced By Julia Nathan
Immediate Goals
Long Term Goals
Greatest Fear
Most at Ease When? In animagus form
Past Failures
Character Flaw Narrow-minded


Wedding ring
Motorcycle (Flying)
Time Turner (Vietnamese Ministry)


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