Lucjan Czcibor
Full Name Lucjan Henryk Maksymilian Czcibor
Pronunciation Luwts-yaan (LOO syahn)
Meaning Light, bright, born at daybreak
Birthday January 1st
Status Half-blood (Half-Fae)
Wand arm Left
Loyalty Czcibor family


In the beginning ...

Lucjan H. Maksymilian Czcibor born January 1st, the only son of Maks Czcibor and Zuzanna. He was raised in Tarnów southeastern Poland, he was born six years after his sister Caja. His mother is a Air Faerie, Zuzana is an exiled Faerie. Had Maks known that his daughter son would be born as faerie-children and that Zuzana would be treated so unjustly for loving him he wishes that he never met her. Let alone the guilt he feels for wishing away his soul mate and children, Maks is equally guilty over the depression is causes both him and Zuzana.

Zuzana is in connection with a small faction of other exiled faeries but their small commune does nothing for her. Suspicious of and aggravated by Maks overbearing protective nature, Zuzana after countless failures, continues to try to convince her elders to let her return. A young Caja and Lucjan caught her pleading with the faerie elders, until they were spotted. Zuzana tried to deny they were her children, knowing that they would tell their father, she tried to convince the elders they had wandered into their realm and needed to forget what they had seen. This was a clear atrocity.

The children were Zuzana's halflings, they looked just like her, they even carry her aura. What they had seen and heard would not easily be remembered, and it was the end of whatever motherly relationship either child had with their mother. Maks was never told of the trio's visit with the queen, Lucjan will forever have to piece together what it was that happened that night, and Caja has either learned to accept or cleverly conceals what it she remembers.

The family lives together in the picturesque setting of Lublin, the largest Polish city east of the Vistula River. Old buildings, even ruins, create the magic and unique atmosphere of the city. Lublin’s Old Town has cobbled streets and traditional architecture. Maks, Lucjan and Caja love visiting museums and, going to festivals together. One night, the first time Zuzana spent the day out with her family. A young boy made fun of her, while frightened for his mother and angered that she had been insulted, Lucjan punched the little boy in the face.

Eight year old Lucjan and his father were meant to apologize to the boy he had hit when his father attacked Maks. The attacker was distracted by the sight of Fifteen year old Caja using her magic to strike him down. The family has been much more selective about when and where a family outing will take place, and how they will each handle it. Caja would have been in serious trouble for causing serious bodily harm to and in the presence of Muggles. Due to her age the charges brought against her were lenient and expunged.


Birthplace Poland
Type of Childhood family-oriented (father-daughter-son)
Earliest Memory Reoccurring dream about his mother
Pets -
Likes Courage, Passion, Loyalty
Dislikes Over-Aggressiveness, False Sympathy,
Fears/Phobias Losing his father
Hobbies Spell work, Brewing, Magical devices
Comfort Food(s) Wiejska kiełbasa, Oscypek
Person Secretly Admired His sister Caja
Most Influenced By His father Maks
Immediate Goals -
Long Term Goals -
Greatest Fear The ending of re-occurring dream
Most at Ease When? Practicing magic, flying, brewing
Priorities -
Past Failures Losing his temper
Character Flaw Temperamental


Lucjan is like a puppy, he can be very predictable. When you think you have him all figured out he changes and he is almost someone you don't even know anymore. He has a very tough side, he fights until he has nothing left to give. He is passionate and never says something that he does not mean. He is insecure regarding his blood status which causes him to be moody and standoffish.



Eye Colour   Blue
Hair Colour   Brown/Black
Height   5'7
Native Language   Polish
Ethnicity   Polish
Languages Spoken   Polish, English, French, German, Danish, Finnish,

Swedish, Slovakian, Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian

Clothing Style   Casual modern Muggle clothes



1502 D Lavoie Townhomes




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