Lavoie Townhomes

The contemporary and environmentally friendly Lavoie Townhomes are a gated living community, the only option for Lavoie residents that are above standard or sub-par apartment life. Those desiring a more homelike private living environment. The Lavoie Townhomes comes with a variety of amenities residents can enjoy from Tennis Courts, a spacious Clubhouse and pool in addition to its close proximity all the town of Lavoie has to offer.

Floor Plans

All eleven different floor plans of the Lavoie Townhomes come with built in space for a dishwasher, a Washer/Dryer unit with storage, and a computer station.


Add your characters Townhouse to the list in a similar fashion to the example below.

Please start at 1502 and use the appropriate letter of the alphabet as the address.
EXAMPLE; [[Lavoie Townhomes/Erchantrudis|1502 A]] - Erchantrudis

1502 A - Erchantrudis
1502 B - Kang
1502 C - Cason
1502 D - Czcibor
1502 E - Patterson
1502 F - Haris/Presley
1502 G - Braveheart
1502 H - Narcisse
1502 I - Hisakawa
1502 J - Misolav
1502 K - Chevalier


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