(This character was created by Jayjay)


"Sometimes you have to cross the line to remember where it lies."
General Information
Birth date November 17th
Birth place Washington, DC
Ethnicity American
Accent American
Blood status Muggle born
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Witch (Half-Veela)
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 6'
Weight 147 lbs
Magical Characteristics
Wand {{{wand}}}
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Dragon
Boggart Herself
Amortentia Sea Breeze
Loyalty Her family and friends--and she doesn't care who knows it
School Salem Witches Institute
Occupation Teacher

Full Name: Kinzie Grey

Pronunciation: Ken-zee Gray

Meaning: The Fair One Undefined

Nickname(s): Savage


Native Language:English

Languages Spoken: English, French, Chinese, Japanese

Accent: American

Type of Childhood: Hectic

Earliest Memory: Nightmares

Pet: none

Likes: Martial magic, martial arts, kittehs Dislikes: Potions

Handedness: Left

Clothing Style: Bad@$$ Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Birthstone: Topaz

Birth flower: Chrysanthemum

Favorite Scent: Chocolate Chip cookies

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Sweet: Her sister's chocolate chip cookies

Kinzie grew up in DC, wasn't the most happy childhood. She was smart, athletic, magical, just like her sister, but...she was also a rebel. Tattoos, piercings, hanging out with the outcasts...they were all good people, just...emo. But the worst thing...girls. Her parents were of the religios sort, and...they were against homosexuality like the ocean is against the sea floor. Her mother wasn't so bad, but...her father was the devil. He abused her.

Or tried to. Kinzie's older sister, Sarah, the good girl, often intervened and took the strikes.

At school, Kinzie didn't change. She got in trouble a lot, generally for minor things, but...well, she was still almost expelled six times. She rarely uses her surname, Grey (yes, she is Max Grey's aunt), simply because her sister is the only person who hasn't forsaken her. After her sister "died", she just stopped using the name altogether.

  • high mental abilities in family
  • parents attained high social status
  • parents motivated, gave direction
  • parents rose & accomplished
  • (inheritance) physical attributes are fine
  • (had) previous success (in school, work, family life)
  • prosperity in family upbringing
  • When and where was your character born?
  • DC, 18 years ago
  • What age did your character first use magic?
  • Max was seven
  • Did your character grow up in a muggle or wizarding neighborhood, village, or town?
  • Kinzie grew up in a muggle area with her sister, Sarah, and their parents.


  • adventurous
  • substance-free
  • alert
  • aware of opportunities
  • clean
  • comprehends
  • conscious
  • creative
  • deliberative
  • develops mental capabilities
  • disciplined
  • efficient
  • effort achieves results
  • energetic
  • envisions the unseen
  • experienced (in area)
  • focused
  • good
  • health robust, strong constitution
  • idea-driven
  • imaginative
  • initiates (has initiative)
  • innovative
  • insightful
  • intelligent
  • knowledgeable
  • leads others
  • lives from the depths of life
  • motivated
  • nerves strong
  • objective
  • observant
  • physical stamina
  • previous success in school
  • resourceful
  • responsible
  • results-oriented
  • risk-taker
  • seeks improvement
  • spiritual, inner connection
  • stamina
  • strong; physically
  • strong; psychologically
  • (has had) supportive family or friends
  • tough
  • trustworthy
  • work is in harmony with personal life
  • never has enough time
  • unlucky
  • disorganized
  • impatient, expectant
  • impolite, ill mannered, rude
  • relationship with other(s) negative
  • irresponsible
  • seeing only parts of the picture
  • ill behaved
  • tries to do everything
  • reckless
  • reconciling problems, conflicts at higher level
  • time management skills, lack of
  • technical work skills, lack of


  1. Umbram Evanui
  2. evanui clarum custos

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