Kaito Hisakawa
Gomes Tenth Year
This Character Belongs to Rabbitty


“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” -Charles William Eliot
General Information
Birth date March 22
Birth place Hachijō-kojima, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Accent Japanese
Blood status Half-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5 feet, 7 inches/170 centimeters
Weight 153 pounds/69 kilograms
Magical Characteristics
Wand Cherry, Re'em Hair, 1 kanejaku
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Crow
Boggart Disapproval
Amortentia Udon Soup, Ink, Wood
Loyalty Hisakawas
School Mahoutokoro
International Academy of Magic
House Gomes
Occupation Student

Kaito Hisakawa (久川 海斗 Hisakawa Kaito) is a Japanese transfer, tenth year Gomes student at the International Academy of Magic.


On a rainy day in mid March, just past noon (1:04 pm) Kaito was born to perhaps the best of both worlds. His mother, Noriko Hoshi was from a powerful, old wizarding family, and his father, Ichirou Hisakawa, was a successful muggle businessman. Kaito was the eldest of 4 children. His sister Yuki would be born next, when Kaito was 4. Kaito and his siblings were raised in a transitive lifestyle, sometimes living in an apartment in the heart to Tokyo with both their parents, and other times, when their dad was to busy with work to have much time for them, in a small wizarding community on Hachijō-kojima with their mother and maternal grandparents.

At age 6, Kaito started wizarding day school. There he learned writing, arithmetic, arts, a little bit of history, plus some basic magic. In addition, at home him and Yuki — by then there was another sister, Miku, but she was too little — were taught little mini-lessons from their mother and father about magic and business respectively. Noriko taught Kaito and Yuki more advanced magic than that was allowed to be taught at school, such as simple wand use. Ichirou also taught them English as part of business, as he used it for international business and considered it important for them to learn.

At age 12, Kaito started boarding school at Mahoutokoro. That winter the last of his siblings, his brother Minoru, was born.

Kaito slowly worked his way through the years at Mahoutokoro. But in 2011 when the tsunami hit, Ichirou began looking at international schooling options, and quickly chose IAM. He said they needed to keep them away from the radiation, and insisted that international schooling would be good for them. Kaito was 18, and in his final year at Mahoutokoro. Kaito and his siblings finished up the year at their old schools, but the next year they started at IAM — Kaito unexpectedly continuing his education. Which was actually an enormous relief to him.


Kaito has always kept to himself, perhaps to try to avoid his parents exceptions. He can be borderline friendly when he wants to be. But he rarely wants to be, he doesn't need other people, he's happy alone. He likes — or rather, craves and needs — time and space alone, so he can breath and think. As much as he loves Tokyo, when he's there, sometimes the everythingness of it makes him feel like screaming. Kaito goes off by himself when he's sad or angry, and also when he's happy. But to a large degree his identity comes from what other people say of him. A studious student, he has always done well at school, and part of his self-concept comes from that. And moreover, he hates to let people down, but wished he didn't, and could let people down and do what he wants, without feeling bad about it.

Patient • Thorough • Self-Sustained Indecisive • Approval-Craving • Detached


Kaito stands somewhere around average height, with black hair and dark brown eyes. He, like his brother, take after their father, with darker hair than their mother and sisters.


Noriko — Kaito will always be closer to his mother than his father, it is a simple truth of the fact that she was always there. Moreover, she understand Kaito better — he's always identified more with his mother's wizarding culture than his father's muggle one. And Kaito's always felt less pressure from her; of course she want she son to succeed, but she always felt that she wanted it for him, not as a desire of her's.

Ichirou — Kaito's relationship with his father is strained. He's always felt pressure from Ichirou to do well in everything. And Kaito has done well, mostly in school. But the pressure is much harder for him to deal with than meeting the expectations. And as he gets older, he it sure that once he graduates, his father will want Kaito to come work with him. And although Kaito wouldn't mind working there for a while, that's not what he wants for himself in the long term.

Osamu & Etsuko — Kaito spend half of his childhood on Hachijō-kojima with his mother, siblings, and maternal grandparents: Etsuko and Osamu. Kaito has a close relationship with this due to this. And on Hachijō-kojima, where it wasn't overwhelming or muggle, Kaito always felt happier. And while his grandparents weren't the cause of this, he has always connected it in his head.

Yuki — Kaito has 2 sisters. Yuki is the elder of those two, and 4 years younger than Kaito. She is closer in age to Kaito than any of his other siblings — they were at Mahoutokoro together before IAM — and that's was exactly what made Yuki and Kaito close. They get along very well — because they know what each other hate and what to avoid. They're very close, and Kaito can't remember much anything from before Yuki was born.

Miku — Kaito has 2 sisters and Miku is the younger of the two, being 8 years younger that Kaito. Kaito admires Miku's creativity and energy on one hand, and on the other hand her hyper tendencies dive him crazy. They've been distant, because while Kaito and Yuki were at Mahoutokoro, Miku and Minoru were back home, not old enough to attend yet. But now they're both at IAM, thanks to the transfer that extended Kaito's education and make Miku's start a year early.

Minoru — Kaito and his brother Minoru have a large age difference: 12 years. Kaito was already away at Mahoutokoro for most of the year by the time Minoru was born. Kaito views his brother with affection, but the distance caused by being separate for most of their lives is unshakable.


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