Daniel Patterson- She hates his 'Goodness' he thinks he's so better then her, it drives her nuts. She can't stand him.  Also, it annoys the both of them when there aura's hit as Daniels explains, It hurts like frozen ice moving over you when our aura's hit. She agree with him, but it takes out alot of her engery when they do hit however.

Freya Cason - She is dating her ridicules brother, truth to be told. She greatly dislikes the two 'goodie-two shoes' being together. She can't believe that her brother fell for her. Freya is, in within questioning distant of maybe. Someday, sense she meet Noah, that not Gomes's are goodie-two shoes as her boyfriends is a Gomes's.


Julia and Noah

Julia and Noah as a Victorian couple


Noah Carter - She's never actually felt love, until she meet Noah, until they kissed. Noah is her boyfriend, now. Julia thinks of her boyfriend as slightly stupid at times, but she loves him all the way through.  His aura is like a fire, very warm and comforting, she has a sort-of friery love for him which is quite unbreakable. She is somewhat happier then she is ever is around him.

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