Liam Jones Jr. (Old Jonesy) sells a variety of wizarding items at his store, people mostly come to him for the basics.


  • Riding Gloves 
  • Weather-proof Goggles
  • Broomstick Servicing Kit 
(includes: a Do-It-Yourself Handbook, a tin of High- Finish handle polish, and clippers to trim crooked tail twigs)

Replica UniformsEdit

  • Appleby Arrows 
  • Ballycastle Bats 
  • Caerphilly Catapults 
  • Chudley Cannons 
  • Falmouth Falcons 
  • Holyhead Harpies 
  • Kenmare Kestrels 
  • Montrose Magpies 
  • Pride of Portree 
  • Puddlemere United 
  • Tutshill Tornados 
  • Wigtown Wanderers 
  • Wimbourne Wasps 
  • Bigonville Bombers (Luxembourg) 
  • Braga Broomfleet (Portugal) 
  • Gorodok Gargoyles (Lithuania) 
  • Grodzisk Goblins (Poland) 
  • Heidelburg Harriers (Germany) 
  • Karasjok Kites (Norway) 
  • Quiberon Quafflepunchers (France) 
  • Vratsa Vultures (Bulgaria) 
  • Moutohora Macsws (New Zealand) 
  • Thundelarra Thunderers (Australia)
  • Woollongong Warriors (Australia) 
  • Patonga Proudsticks (Uganda) 
  • Tchamba Charmers (Togo) 
  • Gimbi Giant-Slayers (Ethiopia) 
  • Sumbawanga Sunrays (Tanzania) 
  • Moose Jaw Meteorites (Canada) 
  • Haileybury Hammers (Canada) 
  • Stonewall Stormers (Canada) 
  • Sweetwater All-Stars (Texas, USA) 
  • Fitchburg Finches (Massachusetts, USA) 
  • Tarapoto Treeskimmers (Peru) 
  • Toyohashi Tengu (Japan)

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