Isabel Król
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Isabel sig
Isabel C. Krol

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.
General Information
Birth date October 22nd
Birth place Miranda do Douro, Portugal
Ethnicity Portuguese
Accent Portuguese
Blood status Pure-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown/Black
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'3
Weight 105
Magical Characteristics
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Iberian Wolf
Boggart Deformation
Amortentia Rosemary, Edward's hair, Hortensia
Loyalty Edward
School IAM
House Ihejerika
Occupation Student/Wife

Isabel Król (Cardozo) is a Pure-Blood Witch, the daughter of Eliana and Oscar Cardozo. Wife to Edward, and sister to Joaquin, Elder and Sabina. She is in her final years of study as a member of Ihejerika.

Name EtymologyEdit

Full name: Isabel Król

Pronunciation: ee•sah•BEL - krull

Nickname: Bella
Nossa Princessa/Princessa (only by her father) Cardozo family

Meaning: Isabel - Medieval Occitan form of Elisabeth, meaning 'my God is abundance'

Król - From Polish król ‘king’

Cardozo - From the name of a place meaning "thorny"

About IsabelEdit

Being the the middle daughter she was very pampered, a nossa princesa. Bella and her brother Elder, from birth were on the receiving end of an endless amount of attention. From their mother, father and extended família. She could still be considered very spoiled, even after her younger brother Joaquim was born. Even after the move to the US.

They settled in New York on the inherited property of Bella's mother and father, the Cardozo family. After the death of her paternal grandparents Joana and Xavier Cardozo, Oscar and Eliana uprooted their entire family into his family built home.

Bella is highly aggravated by her brothers taking away from her attention with their travessuras. She has always done everything right, nossa princessa does everything papai e mamãe ask. Isabel was betrothed to Edward Król when she was fifteen, after her 18th birthday she married him.

The Król and Cardozo families are old Academy friends. Arranging marriages for their children, and their friends children, preserved their Pure-Blood status. Elder was to marry Alanis, he didn't. The family friendship was salvaged with an arrangement of Edward and Isabel. Isabel was sent to IAM at the age of 10, she has been a student since. She has always listened to Elder's advice when she was younger, not when it came to her marital decision. He was very against it, and she didn't care. She and Edward were married during the break prior to her eighth year.

A rather heated debate erupted between both families after the nuptials about whether or not she should go back to school her already being a married woman. The new Mrs. Król returned to school for her Eighth year on schedule, alongside her husband. She plans to continue all the way through similar to her brother, without the two unexpected children along the way. Isabel is not entirely interested in children, she has a secret. She would rather explore the world and study animals, as a Magizoologist. 

Family TreeEdit

   Isabel      =     Edward
(Cardozo Król family tree)

Native Language: Portuguese

Languages Spoken: Italian, Spanish, French, and English

Type of Childhood: Un-extraordinary

Earliest Memory: Elder and Alanis


Bella was raised in between two brothers, one younger and one older. The family is Portuguese, but the kids are fairly Americanized. Bella still has a European sense of freedom. Like her ancestors she is lively very boisterous, and she can be wild and fun. She is also fiery and can get very jealous. She is very bossy and demanding, 'when it is not perfect, it is not right'.

Isabel Cardozo

Bella Król Ihejerika
-Wife of Edward Król

 – As any artist can tell you, it is easier to reach perfection than to stop there.

"Isabel Król."

She is insightful, and precise, a perfectionist. Bella is not like Elder or Joaquim, she is very different from all her of her immediate family. Nossa princess is uma verdadeira Português.




Tailored robes

Wedding Ring

Sacola encantada

Feitiço livro


Black rat ; Breno Breno is Isabel's pet rat, he is a black rat and she received him as a wedding present from Edward. One of the first topics they discussed was what they wanted the most magically. She said to be an animagus, she did not say a rat back then. She has begun to open her eyes to that possibility. Bella loves Breno giving him the name because it means meaning Prince.
Magnificent Frigatebird ; Rufino Rufino is Isabel's bird, in place of an owl she has a Magnificent Frigatebird. To ensure that her children will as well, Isabel has a male and Edward has a female. Isabel is not quite certain this compares to an owl, at all. Her parents never return her letters, no one really does, she thinks Rufino might hate her.


Isabel is like her brother she is very good at Curses, Hexes and Jinxes. She loves nature, and has a knack for gardening. Her preference is fragrant flowers, edible or healing herbs, and wand woods.


Birthstone: Opal Birth flower: Marigold
Zodiac Sign: Libra Favorite Scent: Pine, Heather, Valerian
Favorite Drink: Portuguese lavender leaf tea Favorite Sweet:Beijinhos, Quindin
Handedness: Right Clothing Style: Tailored (Portuguese) robes


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