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Character Face Claim

To begin with, you MUST submit a character face claim. Please try to meet all the guidelines, or, even better, outdo them. If you find your character ideas lack promise, put them in a sandbox until you can come up with something to make them better, or scrap them if you prefer. If you really have trouble, you can ask Lilly or any other administration member.


It can take up to three working days (Monday-Friday) to process your Character face claim, although it will rarely take this long. Let a administration member know you have posted one if it takes more than a day, although please do not get impatient.

A message with your character's designated house will be put on your message wall. The houses are Ihejerika (girls only), Maximinus (boys only) and Charbonneau, Gomes and Aethelberg (unisex). There are respective dorms and halls for each house.

Character Page

EVERY character must have a page, filled with as much information as it can. It does not need to be pretty, but we politely request that it is well organised and easy to read. If you struggle you can use any of these templates. (Templates based on other char pages, hence the names.)

Word Bubble

A word bubble is required for EVERY character in order to roleplay. The followings are the templates that you can use for making word bubbles.


  • Both the first and last name of your character must be included, whereas middle name is optional.
  • DO NOT choose a classic Harry Potter name (ex; Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley) for your character.



  • Your character could be either a student or an adult.
  • The age of students should ranges from 10 to 23 years old.
    • A first year is 10-12 years old
    • A twelfth year is 21-23 years old

Character Adoption

  • If you have created a character that you no longer want, your character can be deleted, or you can put the char up for adoption using the {{Adoption}} template.

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