Hui Kang

"One of the many joys of my day is flying with my students"
General Information
Birth date July 5th
Birth place China
Ethnicity Chinese
Accent American
Blood status Pure Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Witch\Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 5.7
Weight 132
Magical Characteristics
Wand Oak, 4.3 inches
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Spider Monkey
Boggart Her student dieing because of her
Amortentia N\a
Loyalty The School
School IAM
House N\a
Occupation Flying Teacher


She's very polite and nice, but is also a no nonsense type of teacher. She hates bullies and will stand up for others if their being bullied. Hui is a very intelligent and kind person to all that give her proper respect. But even then, she's very likeable and a over all good teacher. She is caring about each of her students, and will occasionally let them play games on their brooms while she watches to make sure that none of the students get hurt. She doesn't want any of her students to get harmed so she is a safety rule freak about rules to keep others safe.


Hui Kang was born in a proper, rich, pure blooded family, she was born to Cai and Bao-Yu Kang, in China. She was born on a quiet and warm day in July, once she was born. The eldest child of her family, she was raised with special care. Until her mother became pregnant again (and it's against the law to have more then one child) so they immigrated while Bao-Yu was pregnant.

They immigrated to America while Hui was still a mere baby of 6 months old. Bao-Yu was 2 weeks pregnant while immigrating, while immigrating to America, Hui said her first words to Bao-Yu, and it was a marvel to here her say her first word which was 'Momma!'

And it was in English too, pretty impressive, indeed. But once they got to the states, they lived in a mansion again (Their rich people, they have lots of money) and when Hui was one years old, her younger brother Dawei was born, he was the boy that her parents always wanted, but they also loved Hui as their elder daughter, so they took turns with each child.

Until Hui's third sibling was born when she was 4 years old, Hik was her name, she was not very pretty nor nice to either of Hui or Dawei. Hik was the brat of the kids, she bullied, yelled, and teased them both until both of the parents came down on her so hard. Hik became a even bigger bully after they were done with though.

Hui's childhood was pretty decent, and she learned both Mandarin and English. She then did accidental magic when she was 11 years old (She was playing tag on the her broomstick when it the Broomstick flew itself without her help) . She was sorted into____ and currently a graduate and Flying teacher at AIM.


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