Haukea Bellerose
Age 15
Year 5th
Species Half Veela/ Witch
Blood type Half
Nationality American/French
Accent American (hints of French although)
Slibings She has about 5 siblings in total.
Boggart Losing sleep cause of her sisters.
Patornus Lamb
House Ihjerita
Languages spoken French, English, Italian, and German
Pets Danka (Dog)
Birthday April 23rd
Birthplace Hawaii, Honolulu
Raised in Hawaii (form the day she was born until she was 11, she then went to France and went to Beaxation for 4 years until she transferred to AIM.)

Haukea Bellerose Ihejerika 5th year
-"I think kindess is the key to live the best life possible"

 – {{{time}}}

"Bonjour my friends!" She smiles sweetly.

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