Erzilia Fulgenzio
Full Name Erzilia Aure Fulgenzio
Pronunciation Given name Erzilia (er-ZEEL-yah)
Middle name Aure (aw-ruh)
Surname Fulgenzio (fool-JEN-tsyo)
Meaning Limber and lovely, breeze, breath
Birthday November 3rd
Status Half-Blood
Wand Sicilian Fir, Erumpent hide (broken)

West Indian Walnut, Erumpent hide

Wand arm Left
Patronus Sharp-shinned Hawk
Loyalty Fulgenzio family


Erzilia is a elderly witch, and she considers herself and aging beauty. She has greying, brown/black hair. Very wild, and wispy with a curl to it. She has very pale brown, amber colored eyes. The have a blueish, grey ring around the pupil causing her eyes to appear violet. Erzilia is a half blood witch, she wears both muggle clothing for comfort and traditional wizard robes for special occasions and during school hours.

Eye Colour   Pale Brown
Hair Colour   Graying Brown/Black
Height   5'3
Native Language   Italian
Ethnicity   Italian
Languages Spoken   Italian, English & French
Clothing Style   Traditional Italian robes


Erzilia can be a very sweet and submissive woman, she is a mother five times over. She knows a good trick or prank, and she knows that a little backtalk can escalate and become fisticuffs. She was an Ihejerika herself, and like most does not take anything from anyone.




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Her sister Bibiana, like her, is an average Half-blood witch, her sister Fiametta on the other hand is a Metamorphamagus. Fiametta never did as told, at 16, after just six years at the International Academy of Magic with her sisters she ran away. Before Fiametta left Erzilia was a very different girl. She was sweet, and coy. She became very manipulate, often guilt tripping people into feeling a certain way or into doing certain things.

Erzilia did not join the master class as her sister Bibiana did, she ventured off looking for Fiametta. She found her, in Latorre, Haiti learning Vodoun. Hougan Laurent Marmiche was the head of her house, he had no children, and in his wake he made her Mambo Marmiche Vodoun Queen of the House Marmiche. Erzilia learned that her sister had become a very powerful Priestess, of sorts, better known as a Mambo.

Fiama's Hounfour in Latorre, the Marmiche Hounfour was a terrible place, one the Haitian people did not like to speak of. It was a long, hard road tracking Fiametta 'Mambo Marmiche' down. Erzilia was forced to assume a Haitian identity, and join the Marmiche Hounfour. She became Lisette Duvernay from Mare Minerve, Ouest, Haiti, the daughter of a deceased Mambo, Dominique Fanchon.

She even made a life for herself meeting a man, Andre Mercier, together they have five children, Andre's daughters Alva and Delassixe 'Dela' and three biological daughters, Manon, Robin, and Venus. Little did Erzilia know, Fiametta knew that Lisette was a fake, and that her family was more real than it should be. She also knew she wanted something her sister had, her reputation.

Fiama let Erzilia get also close to her as possible, before like a true villain does she trapped her. Fiametta laid out her entire plan for her sister, before she started the process, which was puffer fish poisoning. Since the '80's Mambo Mariche has been using Erzilia's body as a vessel for her own misguide deeds. Securing a position at her former Alma Mater in Erzilia's name.

Using her acquired skills, Fiama has worked her way up to Deputy Headmistress. Mambo Mariche has plans to take over the school, Oglivy is all that stands in her way currently. She has a plot to fix that problem, for good. Conspiring with the multiple sources for a variety of scapegoats, in her effort to weaken him if not his personal, and professional reputation, as of late to very little success.


Birthplace Casalnuovo di Napoli, Italy
Type of Childhood Traditional
Earliest Memory Going to the market with her mother
Pets Lemke's hutia (transfigured to look like a Cuban hutia) ; Zulime

Sharp-shinned Hawk ; Heloise

Likes Utility spells, Hexes, Dark Magic
Dislikes Sarcasm, Excuses
Hobbies Poisonous Plants and Creatures, Magic History,
Comfort Food(s) Orecchiette, Pizza quattro stagioni , Spaghetti alla puttanesca
Person Secretly Admired Abeiuwa Ihejerika
Most Influenced By Abeiuwa Ihejerika
Immediate Goals Become Headmistress
Long Term Goals Become Minister of Italy
Greatest Fear Not having grandchildrend
Most at Ease When? Teaching
Past Failures
Character Flaw Cautious


Engagement and Wedding ring
Portkey (Italy)
Peacock feather quill
Lacryma Christi


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