Elliot Goddard
Elliot Goddard
(This character was created by LillyDaNinja)


Elliot G. Aethelberg 10th Year
-"It takes someone brave and wise to carve his own path."

Elliot smiles at you."Hi there...I'm Elliot." He twiddles his thumbs in an uncertain manner.

Elliot Goddard

General Information
Birth date March 5
Birth place NYC
Ethnicity American
Accent New Yorker
Blood status Half Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Witch
Gender Male
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Grey
Height 5'9"
Magical Characteristics
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Lion
Boggart Losing Dakota
Amortentia His dad's old leather coat
Loyalty Goddard family
School International Academy of Magic
House Aethelberg
Occupation Tenth Year Student

Elliot Luis GoddardEdit

Elliot's life changed at the age of 13 during the summer before his third year at IAM, wizards came to her house in New York and arrested her father. It was never fully explained to Elliot or Dakota why the Ministry had taken Michael until a year later when hia mother told them that her father was caught in the streets of the city, performing "street magic" to Muggles. When a group of wizards came to stop him from performing magic in front of the Muggles, he ran. A wand battle occured and a wizard ended up dead after being hit by one of Michael's spells. Memories of many Muggles had to be erased and Michael escaped. That was a few days prior his arrest.

Elliot was devastated of course, but less so than Dakota. He hasn't seen her father ever since. When he was 17, her mother Elizabeth mysteriously disappeared and Elliot and his sister Dakota were sent to live with her grandparents outside of school. They never found out what happened to their mother.


Elliot is a down-to-earth guy, he really cares about his studies but cares more about his younger sister Dakota; ever since the incident they have been practically superglued to one another as they are the last of their family to their knowledge except their grandparents.He has become a very resourceful person. He is humble, and rather a gentleman. He is very generous and courteous, and rather sympathetic especially when it's Dakota's ideas.

Good Traits Bad Traits
Brave Pessimistic
Polite Distrustful
Curt Unsure of himself


Elliot is manly to say the least, he is now sprouting with a small beard that is scarcely stubble. Despite his fatigue in life after his parents' deaths he is rather lucky, he is more immune to diseases than most. Nobody would call him muscular, but he is decent at least, not too thin nor obese.Unlike his sister he has prominent cheekbones and jawlines. He is Caucausian with German descent, and stands at 5'9.

His model is Douglas Booth.

Ethnicity American
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Brunette
Height 5'9"
Native Language English
Languages Spoken English,Russian
Clothing Style Masculine
Shoe Size 40½


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