Elder Cardozo
former Maximinus
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Elder sig

There is no strong performance without a little fanaticism in the performer.
General Information
Birth date February 18th
Birth place Miranda do Douro, Portugal
Ethnicity Portuguese
Accent Portuguese
Blood status Pure-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Wizard
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Height 6'1
Weight 167
Magical Characteristics
Wand Maple, Dragon Heartstring
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Bear
Boggart Losing his wife and children
Amortentia Blood rice, Fried pork
Loyalty His wife and children
School IAM (formerly)
House Maximinus (formerly)
Occupation Ministério da Magia (Portugues Ministry)
Departamento de Transportes Mágicos

Elder Cardozo is a Pure-blood Wizard, the son of Oscar and Eliana Cardozo. Husband to Otávia, father to Mariazinha, and Nico.

Name EtymologyEdit

Full name: Elder Cordozo

Pronunciation: eld•er - car•DOE•so

Meaning: Elder - From the name of the Dutch town of Den Helder (possibly meaning "hell's door" in Dutch)

Cardozo - From the name of a place meaning "thorny"

About ElderEdit

Being the first born he was very pampered, he received an endless amount of attention from his mother and father. He could have been considered spoiled, until his younger siblings Isabel and Joaquim were born.

The family relocated to New York, the inherited property of Elder's mother and father, the Cardozo family after the death of his paternal grandparents Joana and Xavier Cardozo. Oscar and Eliana were very close to his parents, leaving Elder to feel the same.

Elder does not hold the attention that his younger brother and sister have taken from him against them, he is very grateful. Grateful to have lost the watchful eye of his mother, father, aunts, uncles and grandparents with the arrival of siblings.

It gives his the freedom he never knew he was lacking, Elder can almost come, and go as he pleases now. There are two other children for his mother, and father to chase after, if they have not asked for his help in taming them.

Isabel always listened to Elder as children, Joaquim was a little more stubborn but still fells into line quicker for his brother than anyone else. Elder was sent to IAM at the age of 10, he has been a student since.

After finishing his seventh year he left his family home in New York to live with Sabina in his families home in Ravenwood. The home was built by his grandfather Remigo and father Xavier in the 50's. He took a brief hiatus after his daughter Mariazinha was born, he was convinced to return by his wife Sabina. He has missed all the milestones in the first three years of his daughter's life due to his education.

Sabina and Elder both expect their son to have a life that is much different from either Mariazinha, Sabina, or Elder's. They are excited for this, they except both children to appreciate the sacrifices that had to be made for them. Elder left the Master Class program after Sabina went into labor early, their son Nico Ambrósio Gervásio Cardozo was born prematurely, and required healing by his the matrons in his family.

Family TreeEdit

Elder married Sabina before Mariazinha was born, their daughter and son will share both the Gervásio and Cardozo names. Because Sabina does not use her married name, Otávia Cardozo, still going by her maiden name Gervásio. Oscar and Eliana do not recognize the marriage, they do not dispute their relationship to Mariazinha and Nico.

 Sabina      =     Elder
     |             |    
      |             |     
  Mariazinha     Nico

(Torres Cardozo family tree)

Native Language: Portuguese

Languages Spoken: Russian, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, and English

Type of Childhood: Typical

Earliest Memory: The move to New York (Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn)


Elder is more often than not off on his own, he does not need the attention of other people. He has two, soon to be three people in his life who will love him unconditionally and that is all that really matters. He is not the easiest person to get along with but he is a good friend. Elder is different from most Maximinus guys, or at least different from the type of guys who convey ruthlessness and live it.


Elder Cardozo Maximinus
-Husband - Father

 – The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided; but never hit softly.


He only gives the appearance of being heartless. Elder is a father, he is a husband and a friend. He has developed his own sense of loyalty and friendship. It varies on a blend of some type of reckless, and dangerous passion. Combined with blind loyalty, trust, and the promise that each day has to involve a thrilling adventure to some extent. Worrying is unnecessary. There is, and always will be a way around or directly through any problem, or inconvenience.




Muggle robes

Wedding Band

Cardozo Residence


Borzoi Русская псовая борзая (Russian wolfhounds) ; Fofi and Amor Fofi and Amor are Elder and Sabine's Russian wolfhounds, also known as Borzoi. When Sabine was 15 she told Elder how she always wanted to visit Russia, she loved the food, and the language. When he got his Apparition license he took her there, and proposed to her. They returned a few years later for their "honeymoon", where they were adopted by a couple of beautiful golden Borzoi they named Fofi and Amor (Fofinho "Fofi" and Amorzinho "Amor").


Elder has spent the majority of his life studying at IAM, he knows the animagus transformation. He has not yet chosen a form and when he does he will not register it. He is an avid users of Curses and Hexes, using them frequently on his younger siblings and their significant others for his amusement.


Birthstone: Onyx Birth flower: Primrose
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Favorite Scent: Coriander, Fried pork, Blood rice
Favorite Drink: Cupuaçu smoothie Favorite Sweet: Açaí pulp, homade Rupsades
Handedness: Right Clothing Style: Modern


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