David Patterson Maximinus 8th year
-"Being fit is nice enough I guess, but doing something with those muscles count!"

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"Yo, hey dog-breath, come back here you nerd!"
"Fighting at the last moment isn't going to help anyone, besides me!"
David Patterson
Siblings Emily, and Nick
Boggart Being a nerd
Martial Status Single and Looking
Age 18
House Maximinus
Patornus Hawk
Accent American
Ethnics American
Birthdate April 23
Birthplace New-York USA
Parents Amelia & Lucas Patterson
Enemies None
Friends None
Full name David Nathan Patterson
Nicknames {{{row 15 info}}}

About David
David, was born to two rich aurors who spoiled him, he was born on a quiet morning when both parents weren't exepting. He was a surpise child, but he was one that both parent's loved. He was harsh and pushy when he didn't get what he wanted. He was not like either of his family members (Unless it's Julia, but she also is quite unquie) and he often was the one that was left out of things that the family planned to do. Becuase of his strong personality.

His childhood was magical and his parents abouseltely spoiled him rotten, which is why his personlity is so mean. He was a huge bully to all of the local kids, and to his poor cousin Daniel. His favorite by far was Julia, he enjoyed her company, and she did his. But, when Daniel got his girlfreind, Freya, he was almost always defended by her.

But, that did not happen for a while, he got his letter when he was playing with his cousin, Julia, when they were playing freeze tag in the green hills of the family farm when he ran super fast for a moment to catch up to her. He is currently in his 8th year. =


David is mean, spoiled and rude. He wouldn't even hestaint to say what's on his mind, he is a huge bully. He is vicous and cruel, but inside he does have a heart, but he is quite ruthless when dealing with peope he hates. Girls love him, but he doesn't really know what to think of them., but he does it just to have a fun evening. He thinks the world is resloved around him and only him. He doesn't care for others, but sometime, he learns to care, but that's rare. He is quite diffcult to get along with. Facts
David is afraid of his little sister,

David is 5.7 inches tall and 124 pounds.

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