Some people like their characters to have theme songs, so I am making a list to make sure that no character has the same one as another.

Character Song Song Artist
Allison Cason Don't Mess With Me Temposhark
Lucas Cimorelli Hero Enrique Iglesias
Freya Cason Troublemaker Ed Sheeran
Antonio Ramirez Monsters Sick Puppies
Kaya Heartland Bad Apple Cristina Vee
Maialen Narcisse Rockstar Prima J
Miku Hisakawa 'A Love Song' and 'Alice' Hatsune Miku
Amanda Hartley-Roese She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) David Guetta (ft. Sia)
Saffron Beaumont Safe and Sound Taylor Swift
Caroline Chevalier Here's to Never Growing Up Avril Lavigne
Séléna LeClaire Nobody's Home Avril Lavigne
Edmund Turner Hall of Fame The Script
Elliot Goddard Unsure Kyle
Regina Miron Our House Madness
Xiomara Calderón Zapata Anna Sun WALK THE MOON
Nathaniel Clifford Carrie Underwood Temporary Home
Kendall Lane Whoa Oh! Forever the Sickest Kids ft. Selena Gomez
Daniel Patterson I'm a troublemaker Dilya Ra
Devin Vaughn Never Underestimate a Girl Vanessa Hudgens
Adora Shadow Spirit In the Sky Norman Greenbaum
Willa von Böhm Brave Sara Bareilles
Zdravko Struna Just Like Me Harry Connick Jr.
Ophaelia Roese Daydreaming Paramore
Lucjan Czcibor Some Nights Fun.
Caja Czcibor On Top of the World Imagine Dragons
Vera David Here Comes the Blackout Stornoway
Benjamin Morgan We'll be Alright Travie McCoy
Theirn Urbain Rogues Incubus
Maite Narcisse Whipping Queen Exodus
Sabina Gervásio Obsessao Meu Amor Jorge Ben
Elder Cardozo Quem De Nos Dois Paulo Gonzo & Ana Carolina
Isabel Król Unconditionally Katy Perry
Edward Król The Hungry Ghost The Cure
Konrad Best Counting Stars One Republic
Kinley Baldwin The Monster Eminem ft Rhianna
Olivia Raske Happy Pharell Williams

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