"Don't show me your weakness, your strength only counts"
Casper Williams
Age 17
Species Wizard/Human (Werewolf)
Blood Type Pure
Birthplace Alaska, USA
Accent American
Wand N\A
Siblings Audrey and Roderick Williams
House Gomes
Year 6th
Patornus Raindeer
Nationality American/Canadian/Norwegian
Cons Aggressive, Independent, Loner
Pros Durable, Hard-working, Good-looking
Birthday December 23rd
Boggart Himself

Casper Williams Gomes 7th year
-"As a full moon rises, the wolf within comes to play"

"Don't let any punk mess with ya, and if they do, punch em."

Wolf Casper Williams
-"Let the hunting begin!"

He growled.

About Casper

Casper was born to a Hunter and a mid-wife, at a bad time of the year. He barely surived his first months, but he did, he was a strong lad, his dad said as he brought his young son out hunting for meat like a were-wolf, in wolf style.

Casper was a handsome lad, with bright blue eyes and black wavy hair, he was often wanted by ladies as he grew older, his childhood was alot of hard work and no play, pretty much. His family lived in a cabin his life until they finally moved when he was 11 years old to a town in Canada.

Casper got his letter, cause he already did acciendal magic while he was in Alaska. He was 7 years old when he tried to cut some wood when the axe did it for him. He is currently a 8th year.


He is aggressive, and prefers to walk amongst the wolfs or in human form in the woods. He is very independent and is not afraid to fight. He however can control himself when he needs too, he is somewhat disciplined. He has a aggressive nature, but he pefers to be alone when angered. He likes socializing with other wolfs then the average witch and wizard. He is a very out-doorsy person, he hates the indoors.

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