Cardozo Residence
Home of Elder and Otávia Cardozo

The Cardozo Residence is the home of husband and wife Elder and Otávia (Sabina) Cardozo. It is the home where their daughter Mariazinha was born, and the home their son Nico will very soon call his own. The house is truly customized because of Sabina's need to design each, and every room. Elder had little say in actual decision making, until it came time to make her vision a reality.

It is a two story, six bedroom

house on the outskirts of the Ravenwood border. Remigo Cardozo along with his son Xavier, and a few friends built the house, wizard style. Sabina spends the majority of her time constantly improving the aesthetic appeal of her home, Elder, when present is outside maintaining structural stability. Sabina often takes advantage of this, she had him build her an indoor garden, a small edible garden, and a clearing by the forest, a field for Mariazinha and Nico to play in.


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