Canadian Ministry of Magic
The Canadian Ministry of Magic is the Wizarding Government of Canada, a successor to the previous government, known as the Wizards' Council. Other countries have their own form of Wizarding government.

Employment opportunities are as follows:

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement

- Head of Department

- Auror Office

- Member(s) of the Improper Use of Magic Office

- Member(s) of the Wizengamot Council

- The Court Scribe(s)

The Department of Magical Games and Sports

- Head of Department

- International Quidditch Liaison (Also works with ICoW)

- Quidditch scout(s)

The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

- Head of Department

- Member(s) of the Accidental Reversal Squad

- Obliviator(s) (Often has another Ministry position as well)

- Member(s) of the Muggle-worthy Excuses Committee

The Department of Magical Transportation

- Head of Department

- Member(s) of office

The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

- Head of Department

- Member(s) of Beast Division

- Member(s) of Being Division

- Member(s) of Spirit Division

The Department of International Magical Cooperation

- Head of Department

- Seats on the International Confederation of Wizards

- Member(s) of office

The Department of Mysteries

- Head of Department

- Unspeakable(s)


Character Name Position Requested Username Time & Date Accepted or Not
Regina Miron Canadian Liaison Lilly 09:38, November 1, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED

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Character Name Position Requested Username Time & Date Position Received

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