Apothecary Item List (credit to Harry Potter Wiki)

The Apothecary without a specific request sells items by the bag. Ingredient bags fit inside most potion kits. With a specific request customers can receive items that are not commonly sold by the law abiding Apothecary, Tradeable and Non-Tradeable Materials.

Thestral; hair
Re'em; hair, blood
Chimera; eggs, scale
Runespoor; egg, hide, brains
Acromantula; venom, fang, eggs,
Unicorn; blood, horn, tail hair,
Venomous Tentacula; juice, leaf, seeds,
Erumpent; horn, tail, hide, exploding fluid
Manticore; blood, heart, hair, hide, stinger, venom
Dragon; blood, heart, liver, horn, hide, claw, eggs

Ingredients SoldEdit

Items SoldEdit

Potion-making KitEdit

  • Heat source
  • Cutting board
  • Small (Collapsible) cauldron
  • Stirring stick
  • Potion ingredients

Text on PotionsEdit

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