Amanda Hartley-Roese
Full Name Amanda Rosalie Hartley-Roese
Pronunciation Ah-man-dah
Meaning "Having to be loved"
Birthday December 18
Status Werewolf
Wand arm Ambidextrous
Patronus Wolf
Loyalty Roeses,Hartleys, Shadows


Eye Colour   Brown (Human)
Hair Colour   Brown (human)
Height   Varies
Native Language   English
Ethnicity   American born/Deutsch/Finnic
Languages Spoken   English, Finnish, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish
Clothing Style   Casual


Like all Roeses Amanda has an inner demon, caused by the Roese curse. She is very aggressive but has learned to calm herself. She may lash out when what her wolf wants and what her human self wants clashes, or if she is severely angered, otherwise it is a rare occurence. She is inalterable when she has made a decision, and she often causes fights without meaning to. She is athletic and prefers the company of other werewolves to that of normal people.




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Amanda Hartley-Roese, who mostly just goes by Amanda Roese, was born on the family grove to Connor Hartley and Addison Roese. She, like all Roese children, was born a werewolf, for the Roese family had been cursed to only produce werewolves. Addison and Connor thought at first she was one of the family Squibs, as she was quiet and normal, like a very normal child for the first few years.

She was sent to primary school at the age of five because they thought she was a Squib, and indeed that would have been a relief to them all. But as they started getting complaints as Amanda got more and more agressive at seven, they pulled her out of school immediately. She would fly into an intense rage if she didn't get what she wanted, or if she was told off; it was a shock to Connor, who had of course never been told, but not to Addison, because this demon was something all the Roese family classed as very normal.

Oma Roese, like she had with Ophaelia merely months earlier, stepped in. The Roese family as their own pack have a psychic connection with one another, Oma Roese being the equivalent of their leader better know as their Lupa oversees all. Heather, Addison, Amanda and Jack were tasked with teaching Amanda to control herself. Like Ophaelia before her, this was not easy as she wanted to be alone and not always have her parents over her shoulder.

After that, it was not until now Amanda and Ophaelia were deemed able to attend by Oma Roese.


Birthplace Roese Grove, Florida
Type of Childhood Rough
Earliest Memory On the farm, playing with the dogs.
Pets Malia (Owl) June (Dog)
Likes Chocolate, Running , Other Athletics
Dislikes Being ignored, know-it-alls
Fears/Phobias Arachnophobia, aquaphobia (swimming only)
Hobbies Tennis, Athletics, Art
Comfort Food(s) Steak and Chocolate
Person Secretly Admired Heather Roese
Most Influenced By Addison Roese
Immediate Goals Learn more magic
Long Term Goals Graduate
Greatest Fear Losing her family and her agression.
Most at Ease When? At the farm with Ophaelia and all the family.
Priorities Family
Past Failures Prioritizing herself.
Character Flaw Not very social


Clothing Quills Parchment Notebooks Telescope Brewing Equipment Diary Necklace


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