Alexis Braveheart
Gomes - 5th Year

Olivia Holt

Alexis Gomes
-“We're all human aren't we?, Every human life is worth the same and worth saving.” - J.K Rowling ―

"We're all human aren't we?, Every human life is worth the same and worth saving."- J.K Rowling

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"She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live."- Annie Dillard
General Information
Birth date July 10
Birth place Italy
Ethnicity Australian
Accent Italian
Blood status Half-blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Witch
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Height about 4 feet tall
Magical Characteristics
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Tiger
Boggart Heights
Amortentia A new computer game
Loyalty Her brother Thomas
School The Academy
House Gomes
Occupation Student

My name is Alexis Braveheart and I am a member of Gomes house.

I'm 17 years old and live with my older brother Thomas. The two of us are now searching for our mother.

Before I was 15, I never even knew I had a brother and was in and out of foster homes.


Alexis was a foster child since she was taken from her mother at age 4. Taken through 10 different foster homes, some she doesn't want to remember. Suffering through many assaults and abusive families, she met a kind family when she got to be 16. If she hadn't aged out, she probably would have stayed with them.

Alexis discovered that her mother had been searching for her since she turned 6, however, the letters and pictures had been kept from her. After she aged out of the foster system, she began to look for her mother, and get some idea of her father's identity. When she turned 15, she discovered she had an older brother named Thomas. Alexis moved in with Thomas, as she was no longer old enough to be in the foster system. Thomas and Alexis are now both searching for their mother.


She is friendly and is nice to everyone that she meets in her life. She doesn't trust people until they've earned it. She is smart and incredibly gifted with computers. She is loony and acts a bit spacey sometimes. She is quite nerdy and is usually seen behind a textbook or a computer.

Strengths · Kind · Smart · Talented with computers

Negative Traits · Too trusting · Doesn't notice some things · Performing in front of people


Fair blonde hair that sits on her shoulders and usually wears a hat or beanie. She is of average height about 4 feet tall. She has green eyes which have a slight sparkle when looking up close. She usually wears t-shirts and jeans with a jacket or turtleneck with ballet flats or sneakers. She usually wears scarves or a necklace of some kind.

Her faceclaim is Olivia Holt
Ethnicity Italian/Australian
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blonde
Height About 4 feet tall
Native Language Italian
Languages Spoken English, Italian
Clothing Style Dressy casual
Shoe Size 7


Family MembersEdit

Braveheart FamilyEdit

Mother: Serena Collins
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Brother: Thomas Braveheart

Other important figures: Her cousin Maximus