This page is to keep track of characters with extra abilities. Any character that is a ; Metamorphmagi, Werewolf, Vampire, Fae, Veela, Giant, Goblin, Seer, Animagus, Legilimens, and or an Occlumens.

Half Breed characters with the ability to transform (Veela, Fae, Vampire) should also be listed.


Character Name Wand Wood and Core
Sofija Toše Seer


Character Name Ability
Adam Misoslav Metamorphmagi
Adora Shadow Werewolf
Alexa Misoslav Metamorphmagi
Amanda Hartley-Roese Werewolf
Antonio Ramirez Vampire
Aurora Erchantrudis Half-Veela
Caja Czcibor Half-Fae
Daniel Patterson Half-Fae
Demon Haris Half-Veela
Dorian Lévesque Metamorphmagi
Gunner Ryker Part-Giant
Julia Patterson Half-Fae
Kaya Heartland Half-Veela
Konrad Best Half-Vampire
Lucjan Czcibor Half-Fae
Maialen Narcisse Legilimens
Maite Narcisse Occlumens
Mai Quang Animagus (Asian Elephant)
Max Grey Animagus (Wolf)


Olivia Raske Half-Vampire
Ophaelia Roese Werewolf
Phoenix Temple Half-Vampire
Quinton Erchantrudis Half-Veela
Reagan Presley Metamorphmagi
Samuel Shadow Werewolf
Sara Timms Half-Goblin
Séléna LeClaire Occlumens
Virgilia Erchantrudis Half-Veela
Xenia Haris Half-Veela
Saffron Beaumont Metamorphmagi
Caroline Chevalier Quarter-Veela
Kinley Baldwin Werewolf

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